Course Outline:

This 4 Hour Webinar Class will focus on the 4 major training areas described below over a 4 Class Days on the 1st Four – Thursdays – of every month from 8:30-9:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time – Check Your Time Zone)

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  1. COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS: The 1st One Hour Webinar Class will teach Agents how to successfully generate a professional and realistic –COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS (CMA) in order to determine Fair Market Value. This tool will greatly assist agents in pricing properties to List or to inform Buyers as to value. You will be given a FREE CMA software spreadsheet to utilize in Listing and Selling real estate!
  2. INITIAL BUYER CONSULTATION INTERVIEW, QUALIFYING AND  PREPARING THE BUYER: The 2nd  One Hour Webinar class will teach agents what to ask at an initial Buyer  consultation and most importantly how to qualify and prepare the Buyer – before  you start showing the Buyers properties.
  3. LEAD GENERATION AND CONVERTING LEADS: The 3rd One Hour Webinar class will teach  agents how to more efficiently and effectively Capture and Convert Leads –  focusing on specific scripted dialog as well as other tools to assist the agent  with ultimately converting the Lead – To A – Sale!
  4. TIME MANAGEMENT, REALISTIC GOAL SETTING, BUSINESS PLANNING  & MARKETING YOUR NAME IN THE COMMUNITY!: The final 4th One Hour Webinar class will  focus on teaching agents how to: (1) Manage   their time; (2) Set realistic annual goals; (3) Generate an annual  realistic and pragmatic business plan and (4) Market themselves in their community.

Class Days / Times

The (4) One  Hour Webinars are taught the first four Thursdays of every month, from  8:30 AM to 9:30 AM – Pacific Standard Time (Check your Time Zone) via the  internet.

The next class session for “JUMP-START YOUR CAREER TODAY 102”  is:  April 3rd, 10th,  17th and 24th

Class Tuition

This class is ONLY $50 – for the (4) One Hour Webinars held on Thursdays from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Agents will also receive helpful software tools and scripts that will be provided at each class session.


CLICK HERE - If you  have any questions about this course to contact USA COLLEGE  OF REAL ESTATE.


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